Mission Statement (1st Post):

How many times a day do you give in? We live in a world that restricts our sexual freedoms, a world that discriminates against us. The lives and freedoms of LGBT people are threatened everyday. We are disadvantaged and mistreated. We are abused and used. We are not cowards, we are not weak. We will not surrender. Our mission is to fight homophobia, to stand up for our sexual freedoms and our right to our bodies, our right to equal opportunities and our right to life. Now is the time to rebel, to stop playing by others’ rules and to fight for what we believe in, for what we deserve. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES. FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.

Progress Report (100th post):

Since we made this blog a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been thinking hard about gay&transgender rights, trying to educate strangers, planning things to do and watching all of you fight for your rights. It’s been hard and eye-opening and very inspiring. So what are we all doing? This as you guys know, isn’t a single mission, it isn’t aimed at a single group of people - this is about everyone who is discriminated against because of who they love, or because of who they are. This is about everyone who feels trapped by their gender and by their society. It’s about every kid who’s curious, it’s about everyone who’s asexual and misunderstood. It’s about eliminating fear, discomfort, hatred, bullying, discrimination, prejudice, and misunderstanding against us. Someday we’ll win the fight for marriage equality. Someday transgender people will be able to serve in the military and gay men will be able to donate blood. But beyond even these goals is something bigger. This fight is about the way we treat each other. The way we let each other love. It’s how we look at gender. It’s what we tell our children. It’s about our freedom to our bodies. It’s about what we try to force ourselves and each other to feel and do before we realize it doesn’t have to be that way. Nobody has to set the rules, we can just be. 
So thanks for following us, and please spread the world. Keep fighting, keep being brave and strong - we love you.

What You Can Do:

1) www.AllOut.org - sign petitions. (this sounds useless, but it HELPS ENORMOUSLY)

2) March/protest. (look online for marches & protests near you)

3) www.transequality.org/52things.html - this is a list of 52 things you can do to help transgender equality. 

4) http://answers.yahoo.com Go to sites like these, find questions about GLBTQ related subjects and answer them. Most of these questions come from kids who get no information about these topics except from off the internet, which is dangerous. The more people on the internet telling them that being gay/transgender is okay and educating them about it, the better.

5) Start conversations: there are people in all our lives that disagree with us about gay and transgender rights - the best thing you can do is to talk to these people. Show them your side. The more you teach people about gay and transgender rights, the better. There are also people who support gay&transgender rights and do nothing about them. Teaching these people that we need them to fight with us, that we are still being oppressed, is really important.

6) If you are interested in passing out and posting flyers you can make your own, or let us know and we can send you some. We’ve been handing out fliers a lot these past few days, and it’s actually rather difficult to get people to take them and look at them, but even if they read it and throw it out, they’ll learn a little bit and change a little. 

7) Help stop bullying. This is probably the most important and most difficult. The best thing you can do is watch yourself, because we all bully in little ways. Stopping ourselves from judging people and disliking people, talking about people etc while it sounds cliche is actually important. Most people don’t want your pity, but try to find people you can offer support, friendship and love to, people who need it. It’s hard to give advice for this, and its such an important problem, but I’d say showing people that you care and don’t judge them is important and more appreciated than you might realize. 

8) This is the fun one, that nobody wants to do. But anything you can do to get noticed, get in trouble with the police (hopefully not real trouble), borrow something from the Occupy Wall Street movement, supports the effort enormously. My favorite example is making out with someone of the same sex in a church.